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A Little About Me
Harvey Denison…
many years ago I did what you are doing right now.  I started looking at home based businesses … and once I found the right one … I got started working almost immediately.  Now that turned out to be a very smart move… because from the comfort of my home … I’ve created an income and lifestyle that I think most people would be very happy with.  I’d like to help you create that same kind of lifestyle for yourself. 

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Roger Barnett spent $20million over 5 years researching companies before buying Shaklee.

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How it’s done…
Social Marketing is an offshoot or advanced state of Network Marketing that uses current technology and trends for explosive growth and explosive income

The industry is absolutely exploding worldwide and is growing so fast... some experts predict that nearly 150 million people will soon be involved

News to You…Did you know that in the time it took you to read this so far...4 more people started a Network Marketing business?  Did you know that respected economists are predicting that Network Marketing is going to be the “next wave of entrepreneurial explosion worldwide?” And, if that isn’t enough...the industry is projected to grow to nearly $500 Billion a year by 2010!

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